Sub - Registration Authority (Sub - LRA) The Sub - LRA is an authorized representative of e-Solutions who is responsible for:
  • Administrative activities of collecting application forms and related documents from digital signature certificate applicants.
  • Verification and validation of applications for authenticity.
  • Recommendation to Certifying Authority for issuance of Digital Signature Certificate.
Who can be Our Partner for DSC ? Any organization or Individual can be for Partner Programme. If you are one of the Followings:-
  • 1. Chartered Accountants / Company Secretary / Tax Consultant / Advocates.
  • 2. IRCTC Agents
  • 3. TIN FCs.
  • 4. Already a Sub Dealer or Sub LRA.
  • 5. Contractors / e-Tendering Vendors.
  • 6. Any Individual
  • 7. Any Organization
How to Become Our Associate ?

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