FIPS Certified USB Tokens

From December 2013, CCA India mandate FIPS Certified USB Token to Download Digital Signature Certificate of all Classes. FIPS Cryptographic USB Tokens are PKI Based authenticator that provides strong authentication and economical solutions with two factor authentication. There are many provider who provide FIPS Certified Tokens in India Including Safenet e-Token, Trust Key and Prox Key by Watch Data, Moser Baer , e-Pass 2003 Series by Feitians and Gemalto USB Tokens. Many Organizations provide Plug and Play USB Tokens including Trust Key, Prox Key and E-Pass 2003 Auto. In Plug & Play USB Token, User don't need to Install USB Token Drivers, When User will plugin USB Token it will automatically start working after installing USB Token Drivers.

    Benefits of Cryptographic USB Tokens:

  1. Safe and Secure : Using a USB Token is Safe and Secure. Every USB Token comes with an User Password that User needs to enter while using the USB Tokens.
  2. Long Life : USB TOkens are having a Long life , Password and Virus Protected.
  3. Portable : USB Tokens are very much small in size and look alike Pen Drive. It can be carry anywhere to use it.
  4. Easy to Implement : By Supporting industries standards security interfaces, they are easy to Install on computer systems. Some USB Tokens are Plug and Play.
  5. Certified Devices : These USB Tokens are FIPS Certified. FIPS is an Standard to scale USB Tokens Internationally.
  6. Cost-Effective : USB Tokens can be procured within range of INR 300-600 According to Quality and Quantity of USB Tokens.

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